Lidocaine 4% Topical Numbing cream

$5.95 $9.99

Naturplex 4% Lidocaine topical numbing cream. With 4% lidocaine, the maximum amount allowed by law.

Why put up with pain? Used to decrease discomfort or pain during certain medical procedures simply apply a dab of Naturplex Lidocaine numbing cream into the area you would like numbed... and you'll quickly get soothing relief for injections, minor burns & More

The Secret: 4% Lidocaine

Many topical ointments contain up to 1 or 2% lidocaine. But Natureplex provides a full 4%, the maximum dose permitted without a prescription. What's more, it combines this extra-strength lidocaine with propylene glycol, which enhances skin penetration. Result? Your Naturplex Lidocaine cream goes down deep to numb nerve endings & block pain signals. Plus, it absorbs extra-fast.

Unlike some topical anesthetics, your Maximum Strength 4% Lidocaine Cream never feels sticky or greasy.

It's Made in the USA for Superior Quality & Purity

Plus, it comes in a 1-oz. tube to last through multiple applications

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