30 Complete Injection Kit - 3ml, 18 Gauge x 1.5" and 25 Gauge x 1"

$29.99 $42.99

Our Most Popular "30 Complete Cycle Kit" contains everything you will need to safely and accurately administer medication on a regular basis. This cycle pack includes a series of Easytouch Hypodermic injection needles, for drawing up and administering medication, a series of Easytouch Hypodermic Needles, for Injections, Pre-injection alcohol wipes that are all individually blister packed to ensure they remain sterile and finally one Sharp disposal container to keep infections to a minimum.

The Complete 30 Cycle Kit contains:

  • 30 Sterile 25g x 1" (0.5mm x 25mm) needles (for injection )
  • 30 Sterile18g x 1.5" (0.8mm x 38mm) needles (for drawing / removing liquid from the vial)
  • 30 (3ml) Sterile syringes (individually blister packed)
  • 30 pre injection swabs 70% alcohol

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